Finally, I’m back home.

Yep, it’s finally happened. My husband and I decided to take the plunge and move back home to the U.S. For now, we’re back in his hometown in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area of Florida. It’s kind of hard to say where “home” is when you’ve been away for a while. I feel like I should bust out singing the theme song from the old T.V. show Cheers, “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” =) I’m thinking back a few years and as always I come to the realization that time is precious and it’s better to know this truth when you’re younger. Take the opportunities that come your way when you can. I remember having so much anxiety before our world travels began three years ago. Mostly because I was leaving behind my small family, friends and my favorite corner seat at the Borders cafe in Mesquite, Texas to venture to New Zealand. This was an island filled with kiwis (both the fruit and the beautiful people), countryside full of sheep and grazing cows and a time difference that would never, ever be easy to calculate (around 17 hours). Still, I remembered a quote that was part of my email signature at one time, “where the will of God leads you, the grace of God will keep you.” This grace has always preserved my life but I suppose I became more aware of it as I grew older. Since then, I’ve experienced so many aspects of daily living in South East Asia for two years and every opportunity has brought with it new challenges, new relationships and a stronger grip onto the Hand that guides every step I take. There is so much unknown and unclear that lies ahead but how blessed as believers in Christ that we can rest in uncertainties as our God promises to be our guide.


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